Team Quest is Back!

Who wants an Agnew Team Quest results update?

FINALLY the day came for the Team Questers to be set free to go out and do what we do best and horse around! To say we were excited would be an understatement, made even better this year with the addition of our second Quest team “The Horsevets” starring the AGNEWS!! Yep that’s right – Arnie, Gayle, Alice and Dan came along joining the “Agnew Equine” team with Abby, Emily, Millie and Sally! What a great day we had with both teams placing with a First place and a Third place! So very proud of Millie with a 72 and a 77 from Gayle – WOW!!

So there we had it 197 photographs later (!!) all tests ridden and there were smiles all round and a nice glass of fizz in hand to celebrate! It’s lovely finally getting out and great getting to meet new horsey friends, and to top it off it was so lovely to see so many of our clients out with their horses. This really does make us smile and we would like to wish you all a huge well done! We’re delighted to be back!