Team Quest Dressage

Everyone at our practice is passionate about equines and are committed to caring for our client’s beloved horses, ponies and donkeys. Our genuine love for these animals, along with our own day-to-day responsibilities for our own horses, gives us the insight and an ability to walk in our client’s shoes and helps us understand how to provide the best care. 

Along with that, we also understand the position of a lot of our clients feeling the pressure and stress of trying to ‘get out there’ and take the first tentative steps towards competing. Finding the confidence can be hard, so what better way to show that anyone can do this than by doing it ourselves?  Emily, Millie and Abby at our practice decided it would be a great idea to send a happy hacker, a hunter and a jumper out to try dressage! They signed up for Team Quest with British Dressage, which they felt was the perfect starting point for riders like them new to British Dressage. Agnew Equine ‘Did You Say A?’ was born! The team aspect allowed them to build each other up, giggle their way through it, and occasionally wine helped to quell the nerves…!

Our Team

After sadly losing her own mare, Emily took on the ride of Onyx.  Onyx is a loving, loyal and honest mare who tries her heart out if given the right opportunity.  Over the past few years together they have invested time and patience to learn and perfect their dressage skills. Onyx is a typical mare and has a cheeky side, she certainly knows how to evade being caught and Emily jokes about heading to the yard in her PJs on competition mornings to trick her, to ensure she can be captured!  Parking her trailer out of sight is essential!

Millie initially loaned Freya as a youngster and after starting her education, bringing her on and getting her out and about, had the opportunity to buy her.  Millie saved long and hard for the funds to buy her first horse, so Freya is much treasured.  Freya is a loving and affectionate horse, chilled and happy to go with the flow. Millie is exceptionally proud of what she and Freya have achieved together.

Tilly came over on a ferry from Ireland as a youngster and has a mainly hunting background.  After several years time out raising her two sons, Abby’s husband Robin was keen to avoid having a third child so set about finding the perfect match for Abby – and along came Tilly, the chestnut mare!  They have enjoyed a fun-filled year together getting to know each other with regular trips to Somerford and taking any opportunity to explore.  Although this can never just be a quiet hack – any obstacle is for jumping!  The refined skills of dressage do not come easily, but after friendly persuasion/bullying/encouragement we now have a dressage diva on our hands!

2019 – 2020 Season Diary

  • December, 2019: Our first competition was at Reaseheath Equestrian Centre. We were so nervous but were so proud that we got out and did it! 
  • January, 2020: Our second competition was at Fieldhouse Equestrian in Marchington, and we had a new member join our team, our friend Sally on her horse, Cilla.  We’re delighted to have someone extra to share this journey with.
  • February, 2020: Our next competition was at Rodbaston – and we’re starting to go places as our team of Emily, Millie, Abby and Sally came in 5th!  We got a Rosette!
  • March 2020 – Another competition at Rodbaston, and would you know it, we came in 2nd place overall!  Millie came in individual first place and Sally in individual second.  Whoop whoop!  This took us to 6th place overall in the Northwest Region which we couldn’t be more delighted with. Little did we know at the time, but something big was looming and we wouldn’t compete again for many months.
  • July 13 – After lockdown, Team Quest is back in action at Beaver Hall Equestrian! Emily came 2nd in individual, Abby came 4th and Millie 5th! It was lovely to be back out having fun together as a team. Prior to the event, everyone was full of nervous excitement getting ready for this weekend – there was lots to do in preparing to head out with horses again, especially getting back to work and fitness! Transport and kit was all checked & cleaned, training done, test was learnt and horses pampered and spruced! Sure it was a different experience with all the Covid-19 measures now in place but team spirit was high, even if we are all out of practice!
  • July 18:  It was grey and damp, but our Quest team ‘Did you say A?’ ventured out again at Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre! Unfortunately, Emily and Onyx had to pull out last minute as Onyx had a swollen eye (luckily, we have Robin to help with that!). But apart from that disappointment, our team had lots of fun again and came 2nd place! Abby came 2nd herself and Millie & Sally were joint 3rd place. Last week’s score means our Agnew team has moved into 5th position in the region out of 35 teams and today scores will help our points again.
  • September 2020: Total teamwork today as our girls headed to Beaver Hall and we WON again! We had so much support there from members of our Agnew Equine office team and Robin. We also had new vet Victoria joined our ranks which is fabulous! This was our last scheduled outing in our Quest adventure. So, now it’s just an exciting wait to see if we’ve done enough (over the past months) to qualify for the next stage.
  • Sept 21: We’ve only gone and done it! Congrats to our Team Quest ladies advancing to the Northwest Regional Finals!
  • Oct 3rd:  After so much prep and excitement, we are so disappointed that Regionals have been cancelled due to weather.  Fingers crossed a re-schedule is possible.
  • Oct 18:  Regionals were rescheduled, and Agnew Equine – Did you say A? competed at Tushingham Arena today! The fabulous Abby, Millie, Sally and Victoria spent yesterday preparing their horses for the big day… baths, brushes, and plaits! Emily and Onyx so sadly had to sit this one out due to Onyx having an abscess but Emily was on hand and was incredibly supportive as always. The day went well and our team came in 11th overall. The day we have all been working so hard towards finally arrived and what a blast the girls have had! No rosette in the end, but amazing experiences and memories for all!

Almost one year prior to the finals Abby, Emily & Millie were sat in Abby’s kitchen and thought ‘what the heck’ – let’s see how a Hunter, a Show Jumper and a Happy Hacker get on at dressage? Roping in the fabulous Sally with Cilla and our vet Victoria with Katy along the way to join in the fun. It’s been so rewarding to get out with their horses and enjoy this as a team, seeing how far they have all come over the last few months and the fun they have had really does make us proud.

We hope by sharing our team’s journey we encourage others to go out and go for it too! Well done ladies and your fabulous horses that have behaved so well throughout and done us all proud.

What’s next?

We are delighted to say that Did you Say A? will be continuing their journey into 2021! The same team is sticking together, but we’ll be adding Hayley from our office team!  We are so excited to see what this next season holds in store for us – but we know we’ll have more laughs, lots of bubbles and tons of fun.  Will you join us at Team Quest in 2021?  We’d love to see you there!