Saver Day

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  • Routine health care is a really important part of horse ownership.We recognize this and the Agnew Equine Saver Day supports owners by vaccinations, dental’s and examinations at discounted prices. The Saver Day is flexible, the three services can be used singularly or in any combination but for maximum savings have all three- the more you use the more you save.
  • Vaccinate your horse for only £50, including the visit, with the Agnew Equine Saver Day. The benefits of vaccination are well understood as they ‘prime ‘ the immune system protecting against disease. The Saver Day vaccination includes flu and tetanus vaccines.  If you have never vaccinated your horse or previously only vaccinated against tetanus make the most of the Saver Day savings and vaccinate your horse for flu and tetanus and maximize your horses protection. The Saver Day is perfect for yearly booster vaccinations.
  • Equine dental care is important for your horses general well being and performance. A yearly dental check is recommended  and the Agnew Equine Saver Day is a cost effective way of achieving this. By ‘adding on’ the dental examination to a vaccination the dental costs only £25. As vets we can sedate the horse if required limiting stress and facilitating the examination. Saver Day sedation is a fixed fee of only £15.
  • The Agnew Equine Saver Day examination is only £15 when ‘added on’ to a vaccination and dental. This makes it the ideal way to check out the lameness, skin lump or cough you have been worried about. It is also perfect for long term medication reviews, remember its is a legal requirement for us to examine horses every 12 months to allow us to prescribe long term medications.
  • Saver Days are flexible and whilst greatest savings are achieved by having all 3 services (vaccination, dental, examination) you can choose 1-3 in any combination. Any 1 £50, any 2  £75,  all 3 £90. All prices include the visit fee.
  • Saver Days are every Tuesday and as your time is precious you are able to stipulate an am or pm appointment. You are not able to request a specific vet. To benefit from the great Saver Day savings you will be asked to pay at the time. Saver Days are popular, with appointments offered on a first come first serve basis so book early!
  • Agnew Equine Saver Days, mix and match for great value and great service.
  • Terms and conditions apply.