Horse Care Plan – Tips to Prepare

In these confusing times, do you have a plan for your horse or pony if you can’t care for them? We can help with a Care Plan! There are a lot of unknowns right now, but we find things feel just a bit better when we’ve thought ahead. Whether your horse is in a livery yard, or whether yours stays at home – you should prepare in case you need to self-isolate or you or someone close to you becomes unwell and you can’t look after your horse or pony as you do now.

Click here to download the Care Plan.

We’ve put together a handy resource that will help you capture all the details of your routine, contacts and even suppliers in order to easily share what needs to be done to ensure the least stress or change of routine for your horse or pony – and in turn, less worry for you. Have a sit down and a cuppa, fill out the Care Plan thoroughly and then you know you’ve captured everything that someone else can use for reference if need be.

Next step is to work together! Find a friend, or better yet, a group of 3 – 4 people where you commit to helping each other if needed. If your horse is at home, take the opportunity now to go through everything with perhaps a not-so-horsey husband (!), your children, or friends who may not be horse-owners themselves or regardless could benefit from a run-through. You can even put your Care Plan up in your stable, so whatever happens, it can be found and followed by whoever comes to help.

We certainly hope you won’t need it – but preparing for the worst but hoping for the best feels like the right way to go. Please share so anyone and everyone can use this document. Also, please share in comments with us any ideas or plans you’ve put in place that could help others and we’ll get the word out. Let’s all work together to make things a little easier for everyone.