Gastroscope offers available during November 2018

During November 2018 Agnew Equine are offering discounted gastroscopy.
We know up 50% horses/ponies can suffer with gastric ulcers, and although some cases show marked clinical signs like pain on girth tightening, poor body condition and weight loss, reduced appetite, recurrent colic, changes in behaviour and poor performance. Other horses and ponies can only show very subtle / vague sign, and often these are put down to other things such as back pain, unwillingness to work, temperament.
If you have any concerns about gastric ulcers, now is the ideal time to act. We are offering gastroscopy appointments at £250 including visit and sedation needed throughout November.
Alternatively we have an additional saving on Wednesday 14th November 2018, when we are holding a Gastroscope clinic at Dean Valley Equestrian Centre for the price £200 including sedation.
If you are worried about your horse/pony and believe this offer could benefit you, call us on 01782510502. Our vets are happy to discuss your pony and horse’s needs

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