Free Cushing’s Disease Monitoring

If your horse has Cushing’s Disease, they are eligible for free* ongoing monitoring blood tests if they are prescribed with Prascend. But the process can be a bit confusing for clients, so we wanted to clarify how it works here.

To make it clear, for the original diagnostic ACTH test for Cushing’s AGNEW EQUINE creates the voucher code for the discounted blood test. But, once your horse has been diagnosed and you want ongoing blood testing to monitor the condition, the OWNER must register with Care About Cushing’s and request a voucher which YOU share with AGNEW EQUINE. We wish we could do it for you, but unfortunately we are not able to do so.

In order to qualify for free monitoring you must do the following:

You and your horse need to have profiles on, and you must have provided permission for Care About Cushing’s to email you
Your horse needs to have an ACTH test result in their online diary
Your horse needs to have a Prascend dose in their online profile

As soon as these three criteria are met, you will be e-mailed within 24 hours to advise that your horse has qualified for free* monitoring test vouchers.

When will you receive your first voucher code? Once you’ve successfully registered and qualified, you will be e-mailed a voucher code 6 months after the ACTH diagnostic test in your horse’s diary and annually thereafter. You will need to share these voucher codes with us in order to get the free* testing. When you speak with us, you’ll get a full step-by-step guide from us which explains the process in full detail. But it is important to know that, as owners, you’re responsible for generating the voucher code. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, and be sure to share this information with any friends who might find it useful.

Full disclosure: this asterix* next to free* really is there for a reason, as we don’t want there to be any unwelcome surprises. The lab costs are free, but our vets still need to come out to see you and review blood work so there may be charges associated with that. The good news is if we think ahead – you can combine these blood test visits with other needs for your horse’s Cushing’s, such as the annual visit we make to check your horse’s condition as we are legally obligated to have seen your horse within the year to be able to prescribe any medication. So there doesn’t need to be an extra visit fee associated with this free* lab test, but we also want to be crystal clear about what free really means. Hope that makes sense!