Equine influenza (flu) outbreak – what Agnew Equine Vets are recommending?

Agnew Equine vets recommend to maximise protection that all horses and ponies (even if up to date) receive a booster vaccination if not had one within the past 6 months.
Please check your horse/pony passport, if necessary we can check our records for you. If not vaccinated we highly recommend you start a vaccination course, this is highly contagious virus and is airborne.
If you suspect your horse/pony maybe affected contact us (coughing, nasal discharge, high fever) we can test for it! Suspected cases should be kept in isolation until confirmed. These steps will ensure the outbreak is contained and any disruption minimised.

We are prepared a Frequently asked questions fact sheet on Equine Influenza – click here to view

On our website we have a dedicated section on ‘Protecting your horse/pony and yard in outbreaks – click here


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