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What our clients think?

Thank you to our owners who have provided testimonial.

Here’s a few below –

Yasmin Lillian Lee Broadhurst5 star
I can’t recommend Agnew equine enough!!.. my boy suffered with colic for a few years, the last time he coliced it was terrible and upsetting.. Shelly came out and talked me through everything she was doing and reassured me on things and what I needed to do after the sedation. Once after charlie was fully awake he began to colic again, I rung Shelly and she was straight back out in minutes!.. Shelly was ringing to check up on Charlie for a good few days after which I thought was lovely, she’s done a fab job with Charlie and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for him, best vet I’ve had x

January 2017

Rachael Sharples5 star
Shelley has been absolutely fantastic. Prompt referral for further care. I’m very impressed – thank you!

September 2016

Debbie Massey – 5 star

Thank you Arnie for going to see Mia and our horse Archie at Somerford yesterday at short notice your swift response, treatment and calming influence made my daughter be able to stay at camp and enjoy the rest of her time there with him… Thank you!

July 2016

Melanie Goodwin – 5 star

Caroline came to put my horse to sleep after 19 years together it was a heartbreaking time but she was lovely and was very professional and assured me I was doing the right thing for my old boy at this difficult time. Thank you so much

July 2016

Jackie Shingler —5 star
Can’t fault the service provided by all the team at agnew equine, always helpful and polite and very informative on any issues no matter how many times you ring ☺
September 2015
Carolyn Ashcroft 5 star
i have to say my biggest fear was leaving my old area as my good vets practice couldnt come with but having met three of agnew vets i am more than happy caroline and shelley who i have seen more have been fantastic shelley in particular who has the sense of professionalism needed on a cold nights birthing out in the field managed a smile many thanks for making my move easier as you will no by now my herd is most important thankyou again heald town ponies
September 2015
Jan Shaw — 5 star
Agnews have been my vets for many years and I’ve always been happy with the service they provide. All the vets I’ve dealt with from the practice have been very professional, knowledgeable and willing to take time to explain the issues and treatment options. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to fellow horse owners.
September 2015
Lorraine Bowker 5 star
My horse Flash was found in the field with a nasty cut to her leg, after checking her over was noticed a huge hole between her back legs. We are not sure exactly what happened but seems as though she had landed on a wooden post. After calling Agnew and explaining the mess Flash was in Robin arrived immediately!! I cant thank Robin enough for helping to pull her through he was able to get his arm in past his elbow!! The hole was not able to be stitched and she was lucky that no vital organs were damaged. It had to heal from the inside out and had to be washed out with a hosepipe regularly to keep clean … with the help of my daughter and of course Robin she made a full recovery!! AMAZING vet and fab team. Thank you x
May 2014

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