Why choose Agnew Equine?

Does it surprise you that at Agnew Equine we consider it an advantage for our clients not having a clinic of our own?

That is because if your horse is unwell or has an issue that needs investigating, we always come to you! We have state-of-the-art veterinary and diagnostic tools which are entirely mobile, which means under times of stress you’re able to keep your horse or pony at home with little disruption to their routine, and more convenience for you as the owner not having to think about transport or blocking out significant portions of your day. Also, if your horse needs further specialist treatment, we are free and able to refer them to the top experts in the country depending on their condition and specific needs, which brings peace of mind to many.

We offer gastroscopes, castrations, x-rays, ultrasounds, shockwave, lameness exams, dentals, vaccinations and much more – all at the convenience of your premises! We do our best to make things as easy as possible, so you can focus on the most important bit – caring for your horse or pony – and not the logistics and stress of getting them to another location when comfort and calm is of utmost importance. If you’d like to learn more about our entirely mobile services and referral practices, give us a call!

We understand that choosing the right vet for you and your horse is important. This is why we think you should choose Agnew Equine.

  • Experience

All Agnew Equine vets are experienced and have dedicated and developed their careers to looking solely after horses and ponies. As a client of Agnew Equine you will receive a service and advice you can trust. This also means that for emergencies out of office hours you will you will always see a vet whose specialist interest lies in horses and not in small animals or farm work.

  • Equipped

The cornerstone of effective treatment is a prompt and accurate diagnosis. We are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment including x-ray, endoscopes and ultrasound scanners all of which are mobile.  Our vets training and experience combined with using the latest diagnostic technology allows us to perform even in depth investigations including lameness work ups at your own premises.

  • Continuity of Care

We know that case continuity is very important to you.  We try our best to ensure the same vet sees your case through from start to finish. This approach is crucial to the clinical management of cases but also allows our vets to develop excellent relationships with our clients.

  • Honest

In certain circumstances your horse may require treatment from a specialist.  Specialist referral would happen quickly optimising the treatment of your horse and spending your money wisely. As an ambulatory practice Agnew Equine are in the fortunate position of not being tied to an ‘in house surgeon’. Equine surgeons just like human surgeries have their own specialities. We are able to select the best surgeon specifically to suit the exact surgical requirements of your horse. We always do the best for you and your horse.

  • Friendly and approachable

It is important to us that despite the success and growth of our practice we maintain the friendly feel where we know our clients and their horses and they know us. With a team of five experienced vets, we are small enough to care about you and your horses but big enough to provide a high level of service and 24 hours emergency cover.