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  • We are Hiring!

    We’re hiring! Agnew Equine are looking for someone special to join our fabulous office team. We do our utmost to offer the best in client care to our owners, horses and ponies at our busy practice, so we’re on the . Read More >>

  • Free Cushing’s Disease Monitoring

    If your horse has Cushing’s Disease, they are eligible for free* ongoing monitoring blood tests if they are prescribed with Prascend. But the process can be a bit confusing for clients, so we wanted to clarify how it works here.. Read More >>

  • New Apple Flavour Bute!

    Is your horse a bit of a fussy eater or can they detect anything, especially when it comes to trying to sneak Bute into their food? We wanted to share that the most widely used type of Bute is now . Read More >>

  • 💛 Strangles Awareness Week 2021 💛

    We shared content recently to raise awareness, promote openness and supportive conversations about Strangles and we really hope you’ll get involved. As your vets, it is such a help for our clients to be . Read More >>

  • What 3 Words

    Does your horse live somewhere tricky to find, where the postcode leads people astray? Are you tired of giving lengthy directions all the time? At Agnew, we are always trying to find ways to make the lives of our clients . Read More >>