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Medical examinations

We examine horses for a wide range of medical problems including weight loss, diarrhoea, respiratory disease, urinary disorders and skin disease.  We routinely perform endoscopic examinations (respiratory and urinary systems), abdominal/ thoracic ultrasound and more invasive procedures such as liver and rectal biopsies on yards. Robin Densem has a particular interest in equine medicine and in 2011 was awarded the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons Certificate in Equine Medicine, the only vet in the area and one of only 50 in the UK to have achieved this qualification.

If the case requires it  we have access to  specialists in their fields who have mobile equipment and can therefore examine patients at their home stables. Tim Brazil is a European Specialist in equine internal medicine. Tim is fully equipped with the most up to date diagnostic equipment all of which is mobile. We use Tim to provide a specialist input to the more challenging medical cases.

Dr Lesley Young is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised specialist in veterinary cardiology . She particularly specialises in cardiology of horses and is able to travel with her top specification diagnostic equipment to investigate suspected cardiac problems in horses.